Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week #2 in Review!

We had a great week last week!  The students enjoyed seeing an assembly called The NED Show which focused on not giving up and self-esteem. Yo-Yo order forms went home if you wanted to order a NED YO-YO.  If you need another, there are more in the front office.

I have been asked by many about some APPS that are good for reading.  So I am made this list of APPS & WEBSITES that are educational, fun, and pertain to our units:

Write About This
MAD Libs
Brain Pop
3rd Grade Splash Math
Moby Max (I will set this up for the class soon)
Brain Quest
Spelling City
Math Zombies
Sushi Monster
Scoot Pad
Cursive Practice
Ace Multiply

Storm & Skye – magical adventure story for kids


The third graders have been building their reading stamina.  Last week they read for 25 minutes during independent reading.  Our goal this week is 30 minutes. Also, this week after book shopping I will be going around and checking in with the students on me so I know  what books they've chosen and if they are the "just right" books for them.  We are also working on being a reader and living a reading life.  From magazines to articles online...reading is everywhere!

I am currently reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume to the class.  They have really taking a liking to the "Fudge" character. Ask your child about this fun book!  The third graders learned how to to a TAGD in their reader's notebooks.  Ask your child about this!

In writing I taught mini lessons about using the writer's notebook, authority lists, and mind pictures.  The students shared their decorated notebooks too.  This week the third graders will be writing for the DWA (Developmental Writing Assessment).  The information I gather from these pieces is very valuable for me so I can plan lessons and conference topics.

As we work through unit 1 the students are reviewing rounding numbers, using a number grid, reading information to create bar graphs, and telling time on analog clocks. They've also been trying out some EDM games and Versatiles.  
Click HERE for the parent letter for unit 1.

Addisyn and Jackson observing their Mock Rock

Investigation Sheet
Brayden and Colin taking notes

Our science kits have arrived!  The geologists set up their science notebooks last week complete with a table of contents.  Our first field test was to observe, describe, and measure a "mock rock" to help determine what it is made of.  The students do not know what MOCK means at this point which is part of the investigation.  Some key vocabulary so far include:

The geography of Michigan has begun! However, last week we spent some time on the Constitution for Constitution Day.  The students saw an oldie but a goodie video..."School House Rock: The Preamble" on YouTube. Check it out! We also read the book titled We the Kids.

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