Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week #3 in Review


*It was a busy 4 day week last week but very productive!  There was an assembly presented by Brooks Gibbs about treating others the way you want to be treated (the Golden Rule) and about not letting others get you angry.We are tying that in with our coping skills lessons. 

*Our class successfully learned how to log onto the Chromebooks!  Yippee!

*The fall conference schedule goes LIVE on October 1st.  Be sure to log onto Skyward and pick a time to meet with me.

*Ms. Qonja was a guest reader in our class on Friday.  She read the book Enemy Pie.  This book teaches a young boy that once you spend time with someone you may actually like them. You just have to give everyone a chance; don't judge others.

I am made this list of APPS & WEBSITES that are educational, fun, and pertain to our units of study:

Write About This
MAD Libs
Brain Pop
3rd Grade Splash Math
Moby Max (I will set this up for the class soon)
Brain Quest
Spelling City
Math Zombies
Sushi Monster
Scoot Pad
Cursive Practice
Ace Multiply

Storm & Skye – magical adventure story for kids


The third graders have been building their reading stamina.  Last week they read for 30 minutes during independent reading which  means they attained their goal!  Way to go third graders!

I will be finishing up reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume this week.  They have really taking a liking to the "Fudge" character. Ask your child about this fun book!
NOTE: the student really want to read more books from this series but beware of SUPERFUDGE.  Email me if your child wants to read this book so you can decide if you feel it's appropriate. 

This week on Thursday, October 1st, I will be administering the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) in order to determine where each child is as far as comprehension, fluency, and reading strategies.

In writing last week we wrote "I Wonder..." in the notebooks and shared our wonderings with a friend.

Also, the students wrote from the heart in our notebooks.  I taught the students that writing can be about anything.  Sometimes even difficult issues such as loss, arguments, and friendship issues.  I also let the class know that if there was anything they did not want me to read (private) that they could fold over that page and then that's a sign to me not to read that particular entry.  I want the writers to feel safe when writing about feelings and personal situations.

I gave the first part of the DWA (Developmental Writing Assessment) last week.  The students will finish these up on Monday.  The information I gather from these pieces is very valuable for me so I can plan lessons and conference topics.

As we work through unit 1 the students are learning about equal groupings, working with remainders, reading information on a tally chart in order to create bar graphs, telling time on analog clocks and showing their thinking. They've also been trying out some EDM games on the Chromebooks. 

Click HERE for the parent letter for unit 1.


Our geologists learned that a rock is made up of more than one substance including minerals.  A mineral is ONE pure substance.  In order to show this each team worked on taking apart a "mock rock" and sorting the material it is made of.  Then the "minerals" were set aside and the other gray material was put into small viles with 25mls of water.  They shook them up and then we let them settle to see what happens.  Some key vocabulary so far include:
Earth Material

The geography of Michigan has begun and your third graders should be able to tell you what H.O.M.E.S. stands for and name each.   We are learning about the Great Lakes Region and reviewing how to use a compass rose to find states on a map.

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