Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week #5 in Review!

Are you ready for the Fun Run?  Our awesome PTA spoke to the students this past week about this fundraiser.  There are a lot of very cool prizes to be won!  Thank you for supporting our school!

The third graders have been learning about character traits and how the author “shows” the traits without directly telling the reader.  The book The Paper Bag Princess we know the princess is brave, determined, resilient, and clever.  The author doesn’t tell us this but we know from the way the princess “behaves” and acts.  Supporting our thinking is what we will continue to work on. We also covered how to figure out unfamiliar words when reading.

 Lastly, we had B.Y.O.D. Friday and the students really impressed me with their ability to stay on task and read using their devices.  I chose seven students (from the students who did not have a device) to use the new Android tablets also. It was a fun Friday!

Jason, Jack, & Colin

Maddy, Addisyn, Natalie, & Shaylee
My DRA testing sub date is Monday, October 12th.  This day allows me to meet with students one-on-one to test reading fluency and comprehension.

We have pen pals with a 3rd grade class at Wixom Elementary.  Our class wrote back to their pen pals this week and we sent them through the mail.  This is a fun way to motivate students to write and it’s FUN!  

On Thursday and Friday the students learned how to access their own personal Google drive, create a new Google Doc, share their writing with me, as well as how to change font size/color.  It was a lot of great learning with technology.

The Unit 1 Progress Check (test) was given last week. The students were able to  work with a buddy to check over work before I shared the correct answers to the study guide. 
Reed & Brayden

Progress Checks are being treated as Benchmark Assessments (district common assessments) and we are not sending them home.  The district is exploring other resources that could be used to communicate progress with parents following the Progress Check lessons.  More to come…
We will begin Unit 2 on Monday.  Click HERE for the Parent Letter to learn more.

Monday the geologists observed what was left of their mock rocks  in the evaporation dishes.  Did you know that there are three types of rocks?  Your geologist should be able to tell you about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks AND how each are formed.  

 Also, our geologists began learning about minerals!  These are not the same as rocks.  Your third grader should be able to tell you the difference between a rock and a mineral.  The first mineral investigation was an observation of 4 mystery minerals. The color, shape, size, texture were looked at.  This week the class will be performing a scratch test to find out the hardness of the minerals.  The properties help determine the name of each mineral.  We’ll be using the Mohs Scale of Hardness to help us.

Vocabulary we’ve learned:
Earth Material

The geography of the Great Lake’s Region is the main focus of this unit.  This week we will be learning how people ADAPT and MODIFY the environment.  We will continue to practice using cardinal directions.  Most important is being able to tell which state(s) are east, south, west, and north (not a state but…). Michigan has plenty of natural resources such as copper, iron-ore, trees, water, etc.  
Some key vocabulary includes:

Human Resources – The people who work or the employees.
Natural Resources – Materials or substances such as minerals, water, forests, etc. that occur in nature.
Human Features – Something man-made; made by humans.
Natural Feature – Features such as rivers, islands, waterfall that are NOT man made.

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