Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week #8 in Review

No substitute teacher for our ART meant a free indoor recess!

What a fantastic Halloween celebration last week!  Thank you to Mrs. Strohl who took charge and all the helper parents that donated supplies and ran stations.  The students had a blast!  Ms. Qonja even got involved!


 The end of the first card marking is this Friday, November 6th.  The second card marking begin on Monday, November 9th.  It’s a clean slate and Oops! Slips are wiped cleanConferences are on Thursday, November 12th Sign up is now online through Skyward Family Access.

Two of our own Sinclair Superstars got their tickets pulled during lunch for acting respectfully and got to eat lunch with a friend at a "special" table last week!
Lincoln B. and Shaylee eating with a friend of their choice

There is NO SCHOOL on
Tuesday, November 3rd.

We had a few prize winners from the Fun Run!


We’ve been working on inferring while reading.  The students are getting very good at making an inference and citing evidence to support their inference.  An inference is an idea or conclusion that's drawn from evidence and reasoning.

Our class read aloud titled Frindle.  The main character is Nick Allen.  Mrs. Granger is his language arts teacher the last hour of the day.  Nick will discover how very different he is from Mrs. Granger yet similar too. 

Since the students know how to access their own personal Google drive, create a new Google Doc, share their writing with me, as well as how to change font size/color we’ve been able to begin publishing stories.  Each student received a Digital Citizen paper reminding them about the appropriate and responsible way to use technology at school. 

In writing we worked on ending our paragraphs with a question.

We are finishing up unit 2 in math and then we will be reviewing some of the more difficult concepts/skills such as division with remainders.

Click HERE for the Parent Letter to learn more. One of the underlying themes in math is begin able to explain your thinking using diagrams, math words, pictures, number lines, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Progress Checks are now being treated as Benchmark Assessments (district common assessments) and we are not sending them home.  The district is exploring other resources that could be used to communicate progress with parents following the Progress Check lessons. 

I signed each student in our class a MOBY MAX login and password card.  I also sent this information home in last week’s Friday Folder.  This is a GREAT way to help your child keep up on math fluency, number stories, and problem solving.  I can login and see how the students are progressing.  It’s a wonderful FREE resource.

A science review went home with your child last week.  We will be reviewing all week and then taking the B.A. on Friday, November 6th.

We finished this first unit on the Geography of Michigan.  The students began reviewing in class last week.  
This B.A. is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th.

The geography of the Great Lake’s Region is the main focus of this unit.  This week we will be learning how people ADAPT and MODIFY the environment.  Michigan has plenty of natural resources such as copper, iron-ore, trees, water, etc. 
Some key vocabulary includes:
Human Resources – The people who work or the employees.
Natural Resources – Materials or substances such as minerals, water, forests, etc. that occur in nature.
Human Features – Something man-made; made by humans.

Natural Feature – Features such as rivers, islands, waterfall that are NOT man made.

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