Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week #9 in Review!

We had a great time with our kindergarten learning buddies last Friday.  The third graders helped their buddy create a 3-D Thankful Pumpkin.

Conferences are on Thursday, November 12th.  Sign up is now online through Skyward Family Access.

There is NO SCHOOL on
Thursday, November 12th.

We’ve been working on inferring while reading.  The students are getting very good at making an inference and citing evidence to support their inference.  An inference is an idea or conclusion that's drawn from evidence and reasoning.

In writing the 3rd graders have been learning about grabbing leads to start off their writing pieces.  They’ve learned how to lead with a sound, a question, dialogue, and humor.

We finished unit 2 in math.  This week we will be reviewing some of the more difficult concepts/skills such as division with remainders.  
The unit test will be given on Friday, November 13th.  A study guide will go home on Tuesday, November 10th.

Click HERE for the Parent Letter to learn more. One of the underlying themes in math is begin able to explain your thinking using diagrams, math words, pictures, number lines, etc.

I signed each student in our class a MOBY MAX login and password card.  This is a GREAT way to help your child keep up on math fluency, number stories, and problem solving.  I can login and see how the students are progressing.  It’s a wonderful FREE resource.

We took the earth science B.A. on Friday, November 6th.  This was a very challenging unit.  It has A LOT of information covered and its concepts are difficult.  We reviewed using Kahoot! 
 I’m very proud of the way the students took responsibility to study and prepare. 

 Mr. Jones (a geologist and a Loon Lake parent) was a guest speaker last Thursday.  He brought all kinds of rocks/minerals and taught us even more cool things about them.  Thank you Mr. Jones!


Our next unit will focus on the structures of life. 
Click HERE to learn more!


We will begin unit 2 covering Michigan’s Economy the 2nd card marking.  Please click HERE to learn more about what’s coming up!

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