Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week #13 in Review!

Kindness was our PBIS trait for November.  Congratulations to Colin for being voted the kindness leader of the month! 
Colin being awarded by Ms. Qonja
During the month of December the PBIS trait is resiliency.  Come on 3rd graders!  Who will show their peers how resilient they are?

Scholastic Book Clubs
I am going to send home a book order for December. Scholastic promises to have the books delivered to school as long as the order is placed by the 11th So feel free to order online (instant Storia e-books delivered right to your tablets) using the code GZJ34.  Click HERE to place an order.

Last week I introduced the students to a couple of new apps that are designed for computer programming.  Tynker, coding for kids app, allows students to create their own games and play puzzles. Scratch Jr is another free app where students can create their own interactive stories and games.  Or try Minecraft, Star Wars, or Frozen! Why am I introducing coding to the class?  Because December 7-13 is a week celebrating computer science in education.  The overall goal is for tens of millions of students to try an Hour of Code during December 7-13. 
Read more about the Hour of Code!

Lincoln S., Colin, & Jack used code to create jokes
Reed, Dominic, & Jason using a coding APP


I am about half way through reading the book Because of Winn Dixie to the class.  A permission slip was sent home last week to allow your child to see the movie version of this book on December 22nd. 
Please return these permission slips no later than December 18th.   

Our wonderful PTA purchased a magazine called Time For Kids (TFK).  The students have been learning how to read articles in a magazine, find evidence to answer questions pertaining to the articles, as well as learn about main idea.  This will help us when reading nonfiction articles in science too!

Trying out new leads
In writing the class has been working on proofreading, editing, and revising some of their pieces as well as adding powerful leads and endings.  Students can peer edit using Google Docs by commenting on another student's writing right on their story!  Pretty cool!

A great start to a new story
The students are working in unit 3.  We have scheduled the unit 3 test for Wednesday, December 16th.  Please click HERE for the unit review.  Click HERE for the Parent Letter to learn more. One of the underlying themes in our math program is begin able to explain your thinking using diagrams, math words, pictures, number lines, etc.

Michelle helping with an area problem
Each student in our class has a MOBY MAX and XTRA math login and password card.  These are GREAT ways to help your child keep up on math fluency, number stories, and problem solving skills.  Also, I can login and see how the students are progressing.  These are wonderful FREE resources.
Sorting pattern blocks before graphing
Jackson and Addisyn -2 ways to solve a problem

Our structures of life unit begin by looking at seeds and learning about the life cycle of plants.  The botanists have observed germination and learned about the different parts of a seed.  We also received our crayfish last week.  The students are VERY excited about these classroom pets.  
Click HERE to learn more!

Crayfish Habitat
Shaylee & Jack investigating plants

Reed, Kayin, & Addisyn observing crayfish
Scientific drawing

"Ninja" the fighting crayfish?


Unit 2 covers Michigan’s Economy the 2nd card marking.  We start with producers, consumers, natural resources, human resources, and capital resources.  Please click HERE to learn more about this unit. 

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