Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week #14 in Review!


During the month of December the PBIS trait is resiliency.  Come on 3rd graders!  Who will show their peers how resilient they are?

We met with our kindergarten buddies last Friday and created a very cute keepsake.  Shhh…it’s a surprise! 

The third graders are LOVING the coding apps and learning how to build codes to create a variety of games. 



We are finishing up reading the book Because of Winn Dixie in class.  A permission slip was sent home to allow your child to see the movie version of this book on December 22nd.
Please return these permission slips no later than December 18th.   

In writing the class has been practicing writing informational paragraphs and using transition words to move the reader along.  They continue to proofread, edit, and revise some of their pieces as well as adding powerful leads and endings.

The students are working in unit 3.  We have scheduled the unit 3 test for Friday, December 11th.  Please click HERE for the unit review and answer key.  Click HERE for the Parent Letter to learn more. One of the underlying themes in our math program is begin able to explain your thinking using diagrams, math words, pictures, number lines, etc.

Each student in our class has a MOBY MAX and XTRA math login and password card.  These are GREAT ways to help your child keep up on math fluency, number stories, and problem solving skills.  Also, I can login and see how the students are progressing.  These are wonderful FREE resources.

The structures of life unit is moving along quickly!  The botanists began by looking at seeds and learning about the life cycle of plants.  They have observed germination and learned about the different parts of a seed.  We also received our crayfish and our hissing beetles last week.  Two of the crayfish already shed their exoskeleton (molted) and we have two crayfish carrying eggs.  We even found one baby crayfish in the habitat!  It was a very exciting week!  Click HERE to learn more!


Unit 2 covers Michigan’s Economy the 2nd card marking.  We covered with producers, consumers, natural resources, human resources, and capital resources.  Please click HERE to learn more about what’s coming up!

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