Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #18 in Review!



We worked with our Kindergarten Buddies last Friday and helped them understand how important details are when writing!  They had to help create clues in order to identify their missing snowman!


Again, thank you for all of you who sent in Lysol Wipes and foaming soap.  We really go through these items quickly because we are diligent hand washers and like to keep surfaces clean. 

This week the third graders will be learning about MLK Jr. and using non-fiction texts to identify text features, summarize, and write short paragraphs about snapshots of his incredible life and about what he stood for.

Our book clubs are focusing on non-fiction texts for this next round of reading.  Looking at nonfiction text features and understanding the differences between nonfiction and other types of written texts. 

In writing the students will be learning how to use a more focused approach to a topic and really zero-in on specific details.  They will continue to use prior knowledge to help guide them while researching and writing.

Unit 4 is all about geometry and measurement.  The students were introduced to Tan-grams and have been using a balance scale to weigh items in grams.  Click HERE for the Parent Letter that explains more AND has answers to the Home Links!


The science BA was given last Wednesday and the students did a fantastic job!  The class average was a 90%! Way to use your studying skills third graders. 

Our next unit is all about WATER!!!   


We are working in Unit 3 about the History of Michigan.  Ask your third grader what a historian is and what questions they often ask.  The students were introduced to five different clues in order to try to figure out WHAT happened!  Timelines, newspaper articles, maps, and photographs all helped determine how Waterford from a small village on the Clinton River into a large town with hotels, stores, and a bank.  Ask your third grader what a PRIMARY SOURCE and a SECONDARY SOURCE is when pertaining to history.


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