Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week #20 in Review!

I apologize for not updating the blog last week.  There were some glitches with the report card system and it really threw a wrench in the amount of time I had to get everything done. I hope you were all able to log onto Skyward to view and discuss your child’s academic/social progress in third grade.  Can you believe we are already half way to fourth grade?  WOW!

We had a fun time last Friday with our Kindergarten Learning Buddies!  I read the book titled Olive, My Love and then the buddies created heats which had reasons they love being a student at Loon Lake Elementary!  It was very fun watching the positive ideas they came up with! 

The third graders have been focusing on nonfiction.  Using the TFK they continue to highlight important information to show evidence in order to support their thinking.  Another exciting task was choosing a nonfiction research topic.  Each student had to pick a topic and then come up with 10 “zoom in” focus questions.  Friday they used the Chromebooks to begin researching and answering their questions.  

  Our book clubs focused on non-fiction. Each group looked at important nonfiction text features which will transfer to their research report.  The third graders understand nonfiction text features and the differences between nonfiction and other types of written texts. 

We will be completing unit 4 is on geometry and measurement this week.  There were a few questions on a new vocabulary term: composite unit.  This is not the same as a composite number.  Nothing like confusing everyone, right?  Anyway, I pasted an image of the SRB which explains this concept.  

The third graders have learned how to play the "Area & Perimeter Game" as well as "What's My Polygon Rule?" last week.  I plan on sending a study guide home on Monday, February 1st so that the students can begin to review or the test.  The test will be given on Friday, February 5th Click HERE to see the study guide.  Click HERE for the Parent Letter that explains more AND has answers to the Home Links!


Our water until has begun!  Our first field test involved observing water on different surfaces.  They also were introduced to Bill Nye the Science Guy!  I know some of you remember him!  
Click HERE to learn more about this science unit.




We are working in Unit 3 about the History of Michigan.  Along with asking questions and using newspaper articles, timelines, maps, and photographs to determine what happened in history, the third graders know about the Three Fires!  This groups consisted of the Potawatomi, Odawa, and Ojibwa tribes.  The Three Fires had a very similar language and ways of surviving.  However, each tribe had specific things they were known for!  Ask your third grader about how the The Three Fires survived.  Key ideas: birch bark, adapting to the environment, changing (modifying) the environment, hunting, farming, chores, and seasons. 

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