Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week #22 in Review!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable mid-winter break this past week.  The Sinclairs stayed in the area and took part in many different adventures that were offered locally.  The week did go by way too fast! But, I was able to come into school for a few hours to organize, clean, and plan with Mrs. Heinke.  

Our Valentine Celebration was perfect!  Thank you to Mrs. Strohl and the volunteer helpers that worked so hard to make sure everything was awesome!  I personally LOVE my ceramic coasters!



We love Random Acts of Kindness! 
The week before break we all took part in Jump Rope for Heart!  This is a great way to raise money to help children at St. Jude's Hospital.  Also, our school collected a lot of water to help with the Flint situation.  Lastly, the 3rd graders all wrote letters to local firefighters thanking them for their efforts and putting their lives on the line every single day to help keep citizens safe.  Mrs. Heinke and I dropped of the special packages before break to the Fire Station on Wixom Road and the Fire Stations on Glengary Road.  



The spring book fair is coming soon! March 7-11th.  The PTA will be providing support so that the book fair will be open from 9:30-3:00pm daily. Plus from 7-9 am on Tuesday morning for Donuts with Dads and Moms.  Classroom libraries are ALWAYS in need of books and teachers are ALWAYS very grateful for the donation.

Nonfiction research has been the area of focus in both reading and writing the past few weeks.  Before the break most students had everything they needed in order to bring their research to the publishing stage.  Each student will be creating their own nonfiction book about a topic they’ve chosen to research.  These books will be assembled and put together in class.   The criteria needed for this assignment includes:
·       Title
·       Table of Contents
·       Glossary OR 3-5 Power Words
·       At least one picture with caption
·       3-5 Headings (sections) that are each one paragraph in length
·       One OTHER text feature of the students’ choice (graph, chart, diagram, etc.,)
·       Proper spelling, punctuation, & grammar

Nonfiction continues!  The third graders had a scavenger hunt in order to locate a variety of nonfiction text features.  Mess, and fun! 


Our book clubs will be focused on some aspect of water to help students with this unit’s science material.

We will begin Unit 5 this week.  Click HERE for the Parent Letter that explains more AND has answers to the Home Links!

The students have been very exciting about this water unit.  It is one of my favorites too.  Our first field test involved observing water on different surfaces.  They also were introduced to Bill Nye the Science Guy!  An oldie, but a goodie!  Last week we discovered surface tension using pennies and eye-droppers.  There were 3 water sources that were used: plain water, soapy water, and salt water.  Ask your child which had the most drops creating the dome with surface tension.  Last week we explored water on a slope!  Click HERE to learn more about this science unit. 



The history of Michigan is so interesting!  SO far we’ve learned about the first people (Native Americans) and important survival facts.  We are now focusing on the French landing here when they were trying to find China and the voyageurs.  Click HERE to learn more about how it all happened!  Click HERE to learn more about Michigan facts!

 Some key terms we’ve covered are:
Birch Bark
Beaver Pelt

1618 - French explorer Etienne Brule arrives claiming the land for France.
1668 - The first European settlement is established at Sault Ste. Marie.
1701 - The city of Detroit is founded.
1763 - The British gain control of Michigan after winning the French and Indian War.
1763 - The local Native American tribes unite and fight the British in Pontiac's Rebellion.
1787 - Michigan becomes part of the Northwest Territory of the United States.
1796 - The British finally leave Detroit.
1812 - The British retake Detroit at the start of the War of 1812.
1813 - The Americans take back Michigan and Detroit after winning the Battle of Lake Erie.
1825 - The Erie Canal is opened providing easier travel to Michigan.
1837 - Michigan becomes the 26th state.
1847 - Lansing becomes the capital city.
1903 - Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company.

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