Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week #25 in Review!


Last week (Thursday & Friday) the PTA helped Mrs. Ziegler and I attend the MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) conference in Grand Rapids.  This was our first time attending and I was overwhelmed with curiosity, excitement and I truly felt like a kid in a candy store.  The main keynote speaker was Jamie Casap who is the Chief Education Evangelist for Google!

There were so many great sessions about digital learners, coding, online books, project based learning (PBL) and  much more!  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend.  I can’t wait to go back next year when Detroit hosts the MACUL 2017 conference!

We had a guest reader come in the classroom this week.  Mr. Gutman (the superintendent) read to our class last Friday. 
He read a book titled ONE. 

As we move forward in writing we will begin learning how to read and write opinions pieces.  The M-STEP is approaching (end of April/beginning of May) and in order to prepare, we will be working on reading and writing stamina.

The students read books about water in groups and finished last Friday.  Coming up in groups we will be moving on to reading mysteries! 

I have two more chapters to read to the class in On My Honor.  Will Joel tell the truth?

The young authors shared their writing last week and they are learning how to give feedback as well as receive feedback by their peers.

Lastly, I signed our class up for a site that offers online reading called Schoolwide ZING!  Just click and type in the code below:

We are just about done working in Unit 5 which is all about fractions.  There is a chapter test but the date has not been set.  There is a study guide that will go home prior to the test.  Click HERE to see the Khan Academy explain fraction basics and take a quiz!  Click HERE for the Parent Letter that explains more AND has answers to the Home Links!

Last week the students tested out water freezing by measuring 50ml of water with a syringe and freezing it to see what happened.  They are learning that water EXPANDS when it freezes: (O degrees Celsius).  Our first field test in this unit involved observing water on different surfaces.  The students have discovered surface tension using pennies and eye-droppers.  Also, they learned about properties of water (surface tension being one of them) and the 3 states water can exist on earth.  Click HERE to learn more about this science unit. 

The history of Michigan is so interesting!  We’ve learned about the first people (Native Americans) and important survival facts, the French landing here when they were trying to find China, the voyageurs, a famous priest, the French and Indian War, Pontiac’s Rebellion, and the British taking over control of the land.  Next up is the Toledo War, Lewis Cass, Stevens T. Mason, Andrew Jackson, Henry Ford, the Model T and much more!  Click HERE to learn more about how it all happened!  Click HERE to learn more about Michigan facts!

 Some key terms we’ve covered are:
Birch Bark
Beaver Pelt

1618 - French explorer Etienne Brule arrives claiming the land for France.
1668 - The first European settlement is established at Sault Ste. Marie.
1701 - The city of Detroit is founded.
1763 - The British gain control of Michigan after winning the French and Indian War.
1763 - The local Native American tribes unite and fight the British in Pontiac's Rebellion.
1787 - Michigan becomes part of the Northwest Territory of the United States.
1796 - The British finally leave Detroit.
1812 - The British retake Detroit at the start of the War of 1812.
1813 - The Americans take back Michigan and Detroit after winning the Battle of Lake Erie.
1825 - The Erie Canal is opened providing easier travel to Michigan.
1837 - Michigan becomes the 26th state.
1847 - Lansing becomes the capital city.
1903 - Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company.

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