Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week #29 in Review!

Welcome SPRING!  What a gorgeous weekend it was! Finally we watched my daughter's softball practice and didn't freeze! A welcome change.  

Our school celebrated the March PBIS students last week during our assembly.  Congratulations MICHELLE for being chosen as the March Loon Lake Learner!

3rd grade PBIS winners
 To make things more exciting, our class was chosen and the PBIS class of the MONTH for March!  Way to go Sinclair Super Stars!!!

3rd grade testing dates are as follows:

Tuesday, April 26
Math  9:10-11:15am

Thursday, April 28
Math Performance Task 9:10-11:15am

Tuesday, May 3
ELA 9:10-11:15am

 Headphones/Earbuds: Students may use the ones we provide or bring their own.

Mouse: IF kids have been using their own mouse on the Chromebook and this is comfortable for them, this is allowable and they may continue to do so. Please do not allow it otherwise as we do not want to create any variables that will interfere with testing.

Time for tests: Tests are not timed. The schedule was created based on the suggested times we were given. Students can take as long as needed to take the test. Tests can also be paused as often as needed. If a student does not complete a test before lunch or a FAPE, they may pause and resume afterward.  If by the end of the day a student isn't finished, they can resume testing on another day.

The third graders love the mystery genre!  Each reading group has been given their mystery book.  The books are all by the same author (except for one) and the students had to investigate the author, Ron Roy.  Ron is the author of the A-Z Mysteries books!   The students will explore the vocabulary, characters, and plot structure they are likely to encounter when reading a mystery.
Author online scavenger hunt
Learning about author Ron Roy

Over the last few weeks in writing we've learning how to opinion writing.  We used a strategy called OREO to help us be sure we have all the components of a solid opinion piece of writing. The students can support a claim by using reasoning and evidence from a variety of texts.  Word choices can help strengthen persuasive sentences. It is also important to consider the audience, the purpose, and the reasons for your point of view.
Milana and Addisyn created the class poster!
o    Identify the audience.
o    Be clear about your purpose.
o    Give supporting reasons for your opinion.
o    Use persuasive word choices.
Should students have desks they stand at instead of sitting?
Working hard 

Kayin sharing his opinion
We are finishing up Unit 6.  The test for this unit is scheduled for Friday, April 22nd.  A review guide will go home on Tuesday.  One way the class has been practicing their multiplication facts is by playing the game SALUTE!  Ask your child about this game.  The class has also been taking fact tests.  This is not set up in a race format.  Each child tries his/her personal best to complete each set, pass them, and then move on to the next. Click HERE for the Parent Letter that explains more AND has answers to the Home Links!


Up next…Matter & Energy!  Click HERE to learn a little more.

The BA for the history of Michigan will be administered on Thursday, April 21st.  The third graders have two different study guides, a plethora of articles/reading materials as well as a timeline they created.    

We’ve learned about the first people (Native Americans) and important survival facts, the French landing here when they were trying to find China, the voyageurs, a famous priest, the French and Indian War, Pontiac’s Rebellion, and the British taking over control of the land.  Next up is the Toledo War, Lewis Cass, Stevens T. Mason, Andrew Jackson, Henry Ford, the Model T and much more!

1618 - French explorer Etienne Brule arrives claiming the land for France.
1668 - The first European settlement is established at Sault Ste. Marie.
1701 - The city of Detroit is founded.
1763 - The British gain control of Michigan after winning the French and Indian War.
1763 - The local Native American tribes unite and fight the British in Pontiac's Rebellion.
1787 - Michigan becomes part of the Northwest Territory of the United States.
1796 - The British finally leave Detroit.
1812 - The British retake Detroit at the start of the War of 1812.
1813 - The Americans take back Michigan and Detroit after winning the Battle of Lake Erie.
1825 - The Erie Canal is opened providing easier travel to Michigan.
1837 - Michigan becomes the 26th state.
1847 - Lansing becomes the capital city.
1903 - Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company.

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