Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week #30 in Review!


M-STEP Testing
3rd grade testing dates are as follows:

Tuesday, April 26
Math  9:10-11:15am

Thursday, April 28
Math Performance Task 9:10-11:15am

Tuesday, May 3
ELA 9:10-11:15am

 Headphones/Earbuds: Students may use the ones we provide or bring their own.

A Mouse: IF kids have been using their own mouse on the Chromebook and this is comfortable for them, this is allowable and they may continue to do so. Please do not allow it otherwise as we do not want to create any variables that will interfere with testing.

Time for tests: Tests are not timed. The schedule was created based on the suggested times we were given. Students can take as long as needed to take the test. Tests can also be paused as often as needed. If a student does not complete a test before lunch or a FAPE, they may pause and resume afterward.  If by the end of the day a student isn't finished, they can resume testing on another day. 

Click HERE for information on the music field trip to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on Wednesday, April 27th.

Last week was a fun day with our buddies.  Mrs. McCullough prepared a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) activity for the students to work on together in honor of Earth Day!  Create an insect!

The third graders love the mystery genre!  We finished out book clubs and many groups chose to read another mystery.  I am now reading a Hardy Boys Secret Files - The Mystery Map book to the class. 

 Over the next few weeks the students will be writing using all of the types of writing they’ve learned this year.  It’s time to focus on the “meat” of their writing now that the basic structures have been taught and practiced.  The students can now support a claim by using reasoning and evidence from a variety of texts, add relevant and meaningful word choices to strengthen their sentences, as well as research a topic and write an informational piece. The students know how to write to an audience, have a purpose for their writing. 

We just finished our final writing pieces to be published into a class book we titled "Kindness Matters" to go along with our PBIS traits. The publishing company we are sending it out to is called Student Treasures
 A BIG thank you to Mrs. Ferwerk for helping get all of the paperwork and final details in order to help this book become a memory!

We took the Unit 6 test last Friday.  I will have the results posted in Skyward by Wednesday.  Next up is Unit 7! This unit focuses on fractions and measurement. 
Click HERE for the Parent Letter that explains moreAND has answers to the Home Links!

The class has also been taking fact tests.  This is not set up in a race format.  Each child tries his/her personal best to complete each set, pass them, and then move on to the next.


Up next…Matter & Energy!  Click HERE to learn more.  

We made it through the GIANT history unit!  Yahoo! I know it was an abundance of information but it lays the foundation to build upon next year.  The class average was an 88%!  Way to go class!

  Next up…Michigan’s Government!
Click HERE to learn more and get the study guide early!

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