Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week #34 in Review!


Monday, May 23rd I will be in the building but there will be a guest teacher in the room so that I can assess the students’ reading growth.  This is a long process and I will not get through each child tomorrow.  However, I will get a good start.  The results will be marked on the final report card.

MAY 26th is Red Nose Day!
The money raised by Red Nose Day in 2016 will benefit projects in some of the neediest communities in the U.S. and some of the poorest communities in the world. In 2016, partner charities include Boys & Girls Clubs of America; charity: water; Children’s Health Fund; Covenant House; Feeding America; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; National Council of La Raza; National Urban League; Oxfam America; Save the Children and The Global Fund.  All of Red Nose Day’s grant money will support projects to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated.

We have 8 Android Samsung Galaxy 4 tablets in our classroom.  We are in need of protective cases for them. As much as we try to keep them scratch free and safe, accidents happen.  If you know anybody who has connections or someone who has refurbished cases to fit this set of 8 Galaxy 4 tablets please let me know.  I’ve inquired about Gumdrop Cases (which I love) but I cannot afford 8 of them.  Any leads…please let me know!  Thanks!

In class we are doing an author study about Beverly Clearly.  She is a well-loved author who has written books such as the Ramona Series, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Dear Mr. Henshaw and many others! Each student got to select one of her books as a final assigned reading.  The children have until June 10th to complete the book and a comprehension task that involves character traits.

There is NO MAY/JUNE READING CALENDAR!  The third graders each need to work toward a personal reading goal that we will put in their planner.

We are planning a Pen Pal Meet & Greet with our third grade Pen Pals from Wixom Elementary for Wednesday, June 1st.  The Wixom students will be coming to visit Loon Lake Elementary school after lunch and we will celebrate a year of writing!

Over the next few weeks the students will be writing using all of the types of writing they’ve learned this year.  I will also be administering the DWA (Developmental Writing Assessment) to take a look at final growth measures in a variety of writing areas.

We are just about finished with Unit 7 on fractions and measurement. A study guide went home on Friday so that the students had plenty of time to review and ask any questions about concepts taught.  This study guide is due on Wednesday, May 24th.  The test will be given on Wednesday, may 25th.  Click HERE for another copy of the study guide.



Click HERE for the Parent Letter that explains more AND has answers to the Home Links!

We began the Matter & Energy unit! Our scientists have explored tone generators, motors, and light.  Ask your child about this energy unit!
  Click HERE to learn a little more. 
Students taking notes on a video about LIGHT!

We are learning about laws and common good in our government unit.  This week the 3rd graders will be learning about local/state government and the branches of government. They should be able to tell you WHY we have government.  Click HERE to learn more!

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