Monday, May 30, 2016

Week #35 in Review!

Tuesday, May 31st I will be in the building but there will be a guest teacher in the room so that I can assess the students’ reading growth.  This is a new testing date due to a substitute shortage last week. The results will be marked on the final report card.
DRA materials ready to go!

 MAY 26th was Red Nose Day! 
Loon Lake raised just about $1,500.00!
Way to go!
Mrs. Locey, Mrs. Sinclair, & Mrs. Webster
Kermit & Jason


Loon Lake also had another Play Day on Mary 26th.  For part of the morning and the afternoon, the students played! I observed sharing, cooperation, problem solving, creativity, acting, supportive classmates, singing, laughing, and so much more!  Another success!
Cat's Cradle

Trading cards
Addisyn, Natalie, Calista, & Maddy performing a puppet show.

Field Day is this Friday, June 3rd!  Please have your 3rd grader wear his/her YELLOW t-shirt they received at the beginning of the year!

In class we are doing an author study about Beverly Clearly. I am reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 to the class aloud.  Beverly Cleary is a well-loved author who has written books such as the Ramona Series, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Dear Mr. Henshaw and many others! Each student got to select one of her books as a final assigned reading.  The children have until June 10th to complete the book and a comprehension task that involves character traits.

We are planning a Pen Pal Meet & Greet with our third grade Pen Pals from Wixom Elementary for Wednesday, June 1st.  The Wixom students will be coming to visit Loon Lake Elementary School after lunch and we will celebrate a year of writing and making new friendships!

Over the last few weeks the students will be writing focusing on creative writing pieces that use all of the types of writing they’ve learned this year.  They get a little more room to explore and use their creativity in writing. 

The 3rd graders finished i-Ready testing and the took the unit Unit 7 test on fractions and measurement last week. 
The grades will be posted in Skyward. 
Next up…Unit 8!

Click HERE for the Unit 8 Parent Letter that explains more about the multiplication/division unit AND has answers to the Home Links!
i-Ready math testing

We are studying Matter & Energy unit! Our scientists have explored tone generators, motors, and light.  We will be learning more about matter and the three states in which it exists (a review from the water unit). Ask your child about this energy unit!
  Click HERE to learn a little more. 


We continue learning about laws and common good in our government unit.  We began learning about local/state government and the branches of government. They should be able to tell you WHY we have government.  Click HERE to learn more!  Click HERE to learn some fun facts about Michigan!

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