Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #5 in Review!

This past week we had our first STAR STUDENT!  Anna W. was the closest guess to the Estimation Station I brought to class.  Anna enjoyed her week sharing more information about herself and what interests her.  Way to go Anna!

I will be getting the classified ads ready!  My goal is to have our economy system begin in November.  More to come!

This PTA fundraiser is very important to Loon Lake and all who attend this school whether as a student, teacher, parent, or Prime Time Care provider.  It’s the biggest fund raiser of the year and you can STILL send in donations this week!


Anna and Sophia’s tickets got pulled and they each got to pick a friend and chose to eat lunch with me! I was honored! 

Caden also got 2 tickets pulled.  I know one is for a FREE night of no math homework (his choice) but he’s still deciding what to pick for the second ticket.  Lastly, the entire class got a ticket pulled and they voted on a 30 minute play time (no technology) to play with good, old fashioned games, toys etc. 

The students did a fabulous job of moving quickly and quietly for a fire drill last week.  They were even more resilient because it happened right in the middle of our math test. Way to go third graders!!

Last week we read books that helped us narrow our focus so that when we got to writing it would be easier to try!

I’ll begin to read our next read aloud chapter book titled Frindle by Andrew Clements this week. Learn more about this author and his books by clicking HERE!

Our first published piece of writing we will be working on is a personal narrative. I’ll begin this unit by read one of Patricia Polocco’s new books titled An A From Miss Keller. The audience for this piece is other third grade students; their peers.  This is a very important thing the authors have to think about while creating any piece of writing.  They want to be able to connect with their readers.

We took the Unit 1 Math Assessment as well as the i-Ready math diagnostic last week.  Another important happening last week was that each student in my class was set up to be part of my Prodigy math Game.  A parent letter with the information, login code and password was sent home in the Friday folder last week.  They LOVE this “game” and I love that I can embed skills for each student to work on as they play.  I can check on their progress and assign all kinds of skills each week.  It is a great tool for extra practice at home! 

Don’t forget, each student received a login card in order to access the EDM4 games, home-links, and helpful videos.  This card is stapled into the front cover of the assignment notebook that is inside of the binder.  Please click HERE to access this site.

Our first unit covers earth materials and land forms.  This is a vocabulary rich unit.  I will be sending home articles, vocab. cards, and other materials to help your child review.  These materials will be located in the SCIENCE folder in the binder.  Last week we tried to recreate how certain land features are formed by using stream tables.  The students observed and have vocabulary words in their science notebooks to study.



We are learning about the Great Lakes Region, natural and human resources, adapt versus modify and how to use directions to locate states near Michigan.  We will be working on the UNIT 1 Review Guide IN CLASS this week.

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