Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week #15 in Review!

The first trimester report cards were posted last Wednesday.  Please check them out and discuss goals for the next report card with your third grader.  The curriculum and expectations will increase!

Our Holiday celebration is on Thursday, December 22nd. We are having a very low key movie and hot cocoa afternoon in our PJs.  I’m hoping to end the 2016 year calmly with everything all prepared for when we return in 2017!

The students began working with expository (nonfiction) text features.  All of this is in preparation for a research type reports the students will begin after the break. 

We’ve been working very hard on paragraph writing.  Having a topic sentence, 3-5 detail sentences, and a concluding sentence are now the expectation for all written responses (constructed) and published writing. 


We are finishing up Unit 3 and plan on giving the test on Wednesday, December 21st.  A review will go home on Monday, December 19th


Homework is given every Tuesday and Thursday.  Each home-link is a review of a concept the students have learned in class.  We encourage parents to help with the home-links as well as ask the students questions.

Don’t forget, each student received a login card in order to access the EDM4 games, home-links, and helpful videos.  This card is stapled into the front cover of the assignment notebook that is inside of the binder.  Please click HERE to access this site. Your child also has access to Moby Max. This is a free resource that your child has access to by using the login I gave in the beginning of the year.  Lastly, I signed the class up for the XTRA math site to help with fact fluency and skill building at home.  Click HERE to get to that site.  ALL login/passwords should be in the front cover of your child’s planner to access easily anytime. 

The scientists have been observing the crayfish, Bess beetle and isopods (pill bugs)!  We have a lot of visitors in the classroom and the kids love it!  We are also observing our seeds grow and change through their life cycle.  Lastly, the students are learning what ALL living things need in order to survive.  This will all be on their BA when we finish this unit.



Unit 2 covers Michigan’s economy!  Key words:
Opportunity Cost
Natural Resource
Capital Resource
Human Resource

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