Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week #20 in Review!

There is a 1/2 day this Wednesday, February 1st.  That day is also GLOBAL SCHOOL PLAY DAY!  
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Congratulations to Shaylynn for being recognized as December’s PBIS winner!  The trait was being RESPONSIBLE!  Way to go!

On Wednesday we created posters to show the difference between a FIXED mindset and a GROWTH mindset with our kindergarten buddies.  They work so well together!

On Monday we reviewed facts and opinions by using a class article about snow days. The students had to find 2 facts and post a sticky note on the paper so we could find the facts and evidence.

We also continue to work on all of the non-fiction text features we might come across while researching.  In order to be sure we know what each one is, the students had to find examples from magazines and put them with the correct features on a mini poster. 

The class began researching for their animal reports.  All students had the opportunity to go to our library to look for a book.  They also were able to look through the classroom library as well as use the Chromebooks to get information.  Your child might still need to get more information.  Please help them to do this at home.  The writing will be done in class.  The research packet should be in your child’s binder.


To go along with our research, each student have been writing down (in third grade words) important facts and information they’ve discovered about their animal.  We will begin to put all of this together into paragraphs.  The class is very excited about this project! 


This past week the 3rd graders have been really focusing on knowing the difference between AREA and PERIMETER!  We played two new games.  One was called Name That Number and the other was Rugs and Fences.



We are finishing up working in unit 4, which is all about measurement!  I plan on giving the unit 4 test this Thursday, February 2nd.  A Review guide will go home on Monday or Tuesday in order to help your child study. 

Homework is given every Tuesday and Thursday.  Each home-link is a review of a concept the students have learned in class.  We encourage parents to help with the home-links as well as ask the students questions.

Don’t forget, each student received a login card in order to access the EDM4 games, home-links, and helpful videos.  This card is stapled into the front cover of the assignment notebook that is inside of the binder.  Please click HERE to access this site. 

Your child also has access to Moby Max. This is a free resource that your child has access to by using the login I gave in the beginning of the year.  

Lastly, I signed the class up for the XTRA math site to help with fact fluency and skill building at home.  Click HERE to get to that site.  ALL login/passwords should be in the front cover of your child’s planner to access easily anytime. 

Out next unit is all about WATER! Stay tuned!


Unit 2 covers Michigan’s economy! We are wrapping up a last few lessons. Each student will need to come up with their own business plan complete with capital, natural, and human resources.  Also, they’ll need to share what goods/service they will be using, opportunity costs, a good location for their business, and how their business will help Michigan’s economy.

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