Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week #22 in Review!

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Elissa to our class!  Elissa just moved to America only a few short weeks ago from the Netherlands. She speaks Dutch and only knows a couple of English words.  The entire class has been so welcoming, thoughtful, and kind.  We are all learning how to help each other. Elissa is fitting right in and we are so happy she is part of room #111!  

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  We will be having our celebration on Tuesday morning as a HEALTHY Pancake breakfast!  Students will exchange Valentine cards and enjoy pancakes, sausage, and fresh fruit.

Thank you all for begin so understanding and helpful while I was absent with strep throat AND influenza B.  I was very ill and really felt terrible that things were not as structured and planned as I would’ve liked them to be but I seriously was quarantined for 6 days! Sometimes, you just have to let it go because you physically cannot do anything about it (that’s not easy for me).  But, I am alright now and ready to get back on track!

JUMP ROPE FOR HEART will take place on Tuesday afternoon at 1:35pm.  Please remind your third grader to wear tennis shoes!

The students have been researching and working on their animal reports.  All students had the opportunity to go to our library to look for a book.  They also were able to look through the classroom library as well as use the Chromebooks to get information.  Your child might still need to get more information.  Please help them to do this at home. 

The students are really using RAZ-KIDS and enjoying earning points to build their creations!  It's a wonderful resource!

The writing for the animal research report has all been done in class.  The research packet should be in your child’s binder. Some students are doing extra credit by creating a Google Slides Presentation.  This is OPTIONAL.  I am hoping to have all final reports (hand-written) turned in to me by Thursday, February 16th so that I can grade them over the mid-winter break!


 We began UNIT 5 on Wednesday which covers fractions.  Each student received a VOLUME #2 math journal.  Volume #1 was sent home and the students can complete any incomplete work as review. 

Homework is given every Tuesday and Thursday.  Each home-link is a review of a concept the students have learned in class.  We encourage parents to help with the home-links as well as ask the students questions.

Don’t forget, each student received a login card in order to access the EDM4 games, home-links, and helpful videos.  This card is stapled into the front cover of the assignment notebook that is inside of the binder.  

Your child also has access to Moby Max. This is a free resource that your child has access to by using the login I gave in the beginning of the year.  

Lastly, I signed the class up for the XTRAmath site to help with fact fluency and skill building at home. 

 ALL login/passwords should be in the front cover of your child’s planner to access easily anytime. 

We started our WATER unit and looked at water on paper, paper towel, foil, and wax paper.  The students discovered how water can be absorbed as well as water can bead up and slide!  
Upcoming Question: What are some properties of water?

Unit 3 will be under way this week.  Welcome to MICHIGAN HISTORY! Click HERE to learn more!

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