Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week #24 in Review!

Everyone seems to have settled back in after the much needed the mid-winter break.  Our class even had an extra recess to enjoy that great weather last week!

We have a lot of fun events happening in March including “March is Reading Month” activities.  We have the author Ruth Barshaw coming to Loon Lake on March 20th!  Check out her work by clicking HERE!

I am so honored to have been chosen as a grant recipient by the Foundation For Excellence (FFE) last Friday! I was awarded almost $1,500 for 5 mini iPads and cases for the classroom. Thank you so much FFE!

We’ve been reading and learning about Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) the past couple of weeks. A few books we’ve read include: Each Kindness, Kindness Counts, Bully, & The Invisible Boy.  With each of these books the class discovered the importance of human kindness, empathy, and “The Golden Rule.”  We used Color, Symbol, Image (CSI) visible thinking strategies to help us think about the ideas on a deeper level.

The students shared their awesome animal reports with Mrs. Locey’s 2nd graders last Friday and were able to talk more about their research with her class.  It was a fun way to celebrate all their hard work!

We will continue working with informational writing but in the form of persuasive writing.  This is always a fun unit!

UNIT 5 focuses on fractions and multiplication.  Each student received a VOLUME #2 math journal.  Volume #1 was sent home and the students can complete any incomplete work as review. 

Homework is given every Tuesday and Thursday.  Each home-link is a review of a concept the students have learned in class.  We encourage parents to help with the home-links as well as ask the students questions.

Don’t forget, each student received a login card in order to access the EDM4 games, home-links, and helpful videos.  This card is stapled into the front cover of the assignment notebook that is inside of the binder.  

Your child also has access to Moby Max. This is a free resource that your child has access to by using the login I gave in the beginning of the year.  

Lastly, I signed the class up for the XTRAMATH site to help with fact fluency and skill building at home.  

ALL login/passwords should be in the front cover of your child’s planner to access easily anytime. 

We started our WATER unit and looked at water on paper, paper towel, foil, and wax paper.  The students discovered how water can be absorbed as well as water can bead up and slide!  We also discovered surface tension!  Ask your third grader about this unique property of water!

Unit 3 introduces us to MICHIGAN HISTORY! Historians have questions they ask in order to learn about the past! Click HERE to learn more!

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