Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week #26 in Review!

  We have a lot of fun events happening in March including “March is Reading Month” activities.  Author Ruth Barshaw coming to Loon Lake on March 20th!  Check out her work by clicking HERE!

The class worked as a team to create an awesome door decoration that represents Beauty and the Beast.  It was so fun to see all the students working together and completing this masterpiece for “March is Reading Month!”

Mrs. Rates will be in the classroom as our guest teacher on Thursday and Friday this week.  I will be in Detroit attending the 2017 MACUL conference with Ms. Qonja, Mrs. Ziegler, Mrs. Neinhaus, & Mrs. Carlson. We are all very excited and very thankful that the PTA was able to help us ALL attend! 
Thank you PTA!

I began reading a fantasy book in honor of reading month called Charlotte’s Web.  

Did you know: “This is a story of the barn,” E.B. White said. “I wrote it for children, and to amuse myself."  White owned a farm in Maine. While he wrote Charlotte’s Web in the property's boathouse, he was imagining the farm's red barn, where he kept geese, sheep, and pigs. The barn even had a swing like the one described in the story: “Mr. Zuckerman had the best swing in the county. It was a single long piece of heavy rope tied to the beam over the north doorway." (

  This is a classic story and we will be comparing this book to the movie once it had been completed.  We will continue reading both fiction and non-fiction texts during independent reading.

We will be working with informational writing but in the form of persuasive writing.  Last week the third graders worked as groups to write a nonfiction paragraph about an informational article they had to read.  In order to have a complete paragraph, the students needed to have a topic sentence telling the readers what the paragraph was mostly about, 3-5 detail sentences from the article, and a concluding sentence that brought the reader back to the main purpose of the information.


Also, the third graders have been having a blast creating Google Slide Shows and writing stories using Google Docs. I love the way the children are progressing using the technology and teaching each other new “tricks” and pointers.

The UNIT 5 test will be given o Wednesday, March 15th. The review went home last Friday and is due (completed) on Tuesday, March 14th.  This unit focused on fractions and multiplication. To help them practice multiplication facts, the students love to play the game SALUTE!


Homework is given every Tuesday and Thursday.  Each home-link is a review of a concept the students have learned in class.  We encourage parents to help with the home-links as well as ask the students questions.

Our WATER unit has been progressing nicely.  The scientists looked at water on paper, paper towel, foil, and wax paper and discovered how water can be absorbed as well as water can bead up and slide!  Other areas we’ve been learning about include surface tension, temperature, and sinking/floating! 



Unit 3 introduces us to MICHIGAN HISTORY! Historians have questions they ask in order to learn about the past! We’ve moved on to learning about the French Fur trade & Native Americans (The Three Fires).  Our visit from the Mobile Learning Unit was excellent!  The ladies that visited our school really brought the fur trade alive and tied it into our unit.  

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