Sunday, April 30, 2017


M-STEP TESTING - The students are encouraged to bring in their own headphones and mouse to use for this computerized assessment.   

Thursday, May 4                Math
Tuesday, May 9                 Math Performance Task
Wednesday, May 10          ELA

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week #30 in Review!

 I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!  What gorgeous weather!  This week will be a “normal” week at school.  
A visit from "Mr. Peace" before spring break!

1. There is a math test and a BA this week.  Please see below for more information.
2. Our field trip to Lansing is scheduled for May 11th!  Please have your child to school promptly at 8:30am with a completely disposable lunch.

3. M-STEP testing began for 5th grade last Thursday.  The 3rd grade window for testing is:
Thursday, May 4 -Math  1:00-3:00pm       
Tuesday, May 9 -Math Performance Task  1:00-2:30pm          
Wednesday, May 10 –ELA 1:00-3:00pm     

Here are a few photos from the March READ-IN before break:
Happy Birthday Mika and Dylan!


I finished reading Charlotte’s Web to the class last Friday.  It was so touching to see the empathy and emotion from the students in reaction to the ending of this classic story.  I heard many heartfelt responses throughout this entire book and we had some great class discussions.  My plan is to show the movie version of this book and have them compare the book to the movie.

The students are still reading non-fiction texts and learning how to find explicit evidence to support their thinking.  We’ve been practicing how to search articles for specific proof/details (and highlight) that help support answers to questions being asked across the curriculum.  The students are getting much better at this!

I’ll be pulling student all day for DRA testing Tuesday, April 18th.  There will be a guest teacher in the classroom that day.

In writing, the students have been practicing how to restate and have proper punctuation, spelling etc. We will be working with informational writing but in the form of persuasive writing. 

 We completed UNIT 6 and will be taking this unit test on Thursday, April 20th.   A review will be given in class to use as a study guide.

Order of Operations

Multiplication Baseball

Homework is given every Tuesday and Thursday.  Each home-link is a review of a concept the students have learned in class.  We encourage parents to help with the home-links as well as ask the students questions.

Our final science unit for this year is all about MATTER & ENERGY!
 Coming soon…


Unit 3 on Michigan History is intense with a lot of information.  We have learned about the first people in Michigan, the French and Indian War, how Michigan became a state, as well as how Henry Ford’s “BIG IDEA” (the moving assembly line) help pull people to Michigan to find jobs making cars. This, in turn, helped Michigan to grow tremendously!  The students have a lot of material in their MI Studies pockets of their binders.  Any time is a good time to review and go over material again.  A review was handed out before spring break for your child to begin working on.  The BA is scheduled for Friday, April 21st.  We will review in class and play KAHOOT!