Classroom Economy System

Economy System: 
This year, your child will be assigned one classroom job for the entire school year. But, they have to apply for that job by filling out an application and reasons why they should be granted that job.   

Not only will these jobs help our classroom smoother, but it will prepare the students for the real world and make help make them more responsible. They will also be paid each week for completing their job.  They will be fined if they do not complete their job or if they violate a classroom rule. As a class we will come up with a list of violations. Also, the students can earn bonus money for going above and beyond and following the 5 Rs.   This ties in nicely with our social studies unit on the Economy of Michigan.

Auctions: Students can spend their "Sinclair Dollars" by participating in our auctions.  Items I auction off range from small toys, books, candy, gift cards, and pencils.  I am ALWAYS in need of items for the auction.  If you can donate ANY items please send them in as soon as possible THANK YOU in advance!!!

Classroom Store: School supplies such as pencils, glue sticks, and erasers are for sale all year on an as need basis.