Meet Mrs. Sinclair

Welcome!  I hope this blog will be a useful tool that helps keep parents and students informed about important things happening in our classroom. Here's a little background about Melissa Sinclair (me).

Growing up

My sister (Kristyn), my cousin (Kelley), and me
My name is Melissa Sinclair. I grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan and attended Utica Community Schools for the majority of my education. For the last three years of high school I went to Novi High School. After graduating high school, I enrolled in Oakland Community College and received a Liberal Arts degree before attending Eastern Michigan University. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a science major and an early childhood education minor. My teaching career began in 2000 right here at Loon Lake. I have taught both first and third grade. In 2004, I received my Master's Degree from Marygrove College in the Art of Teaching.

Novi High friend photo 1994


Mrs. Sinclair & Mrs. Heinke
The 2017/2018 is my 18th year of teaching and my 16th year teaching third grade. I have taught at Loon Lake Elementary School since the very beginning of my career!  All children are learners and can be successful. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and positive people to support the learner. In order to help me to be a better educator, I attend workshops, conferences, and graduate classes. 

Some background:
 I was nominated "Teacher of the Week" through 100.3FM in 2012. Click HERE for radio announcement and nomination.  Click HERE for my interview with Jay Towers.  I was lucky enough to also be nominated Loon Lake's Teacher of the Year in 2012!   
In order to get extra funding for my classroom I have written a many grants.  in 2015 I was awarded funds from the Foundation for Excellence to purchase 8 new Android Tables for my classroom. In 2013 The Foundation for Excellence was gracious enough to award me almost $3,000 for a document camera, interactive software to work with a Bright Link Solo (interactive projection) as well and a sound system. Thank you Foundation for Excellence!!  Click HERE to see article.  

MEEMIC Grant 2013


Our wedding day
I have been married for almost 11 years to my wonderful husband, Karl. Karl is a Physician's Assistant (P.A.) in the area of cardiology. 

My husband and I have an 10 year old son named Owen who is a fifth grader at Wixom  Elementary this year. I also have a seven year old daughter named Kendall who is attending Wixom Elementary this year as a third grader.

Becoming a parent has definitely made my life complete and has taught me to look at the world with a true sense of wonder again. Every day I am in awe at how much my children learn, change, and grow. It is a true blessing to be a parent and I am grateful I was chosen.

Kendall swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas
Owen kissing a dolphin in the Bahamas
Me with my daughter, Kendall

Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair

Kendall & Owen

My husband
Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair

Wall-E the Boxer

In my spare time, I really enjoy sitting on my deck with my family, exercising, shopping, watching movies, reading about educational topics, and playing with my dog named Wall-E!   I have wonderful friends, great co-workers, and a super family!  I am happy and very thankful for my life! 


  1. Mrs.Sinclair is funny and nice

  2. Mrs. Sinclair, I have really enjoyed getting to know you this year and I know that Sammy has really enjoyed having you as a teacher. I am amazed at the amount of things you are teaching her in 3rd grade. I can tell you spend a lot of time both in class and outside of the classroom preparing for lessons, taking photos, making projects and maintaining this blog. Do you ever sleep??? :) Roberta Torres

    1. Thank you! I am so happy Sammy is enjoying school. I LOVE keeping up this blog but it does cut in to my sleep time...LOL! Thank you for being so supportive and such a positive person!

      Melissa :o)

  3. dear miss.Sinclair really in joy having you as my teacher and I never want the year to end. Love Grace Erspamer

  4. Hi ms sinclair its marlie and i really enjoyed having you as my teacher

  5. LOVED you as my teacher your the best i love you! I never wanted the year to end, see you next year!love,

  6. I'm so sad it's my last year here at loon lake elementary. I will for sure try to come and visit u.i hope to see u sometime this summer. Love u ;)

    love:Grace Erspamer