Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS)

What is PBIS?

Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What does PBIS stand for and when did it start?
PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  It was originally known as PBS (Positive Behavior Support) and began at LLE in 2007.  Dr. Cohen (who now teaches at Dublin Ele) and Mrs. Nienhaus (former LLE Counselor and current 4th grade teacher) are credited with attending classes and workshops about this program, sharing it with staff and helping create a committee interested in working together to make LLE a better place to learn.

What is the purpose of PBIS?
The community of LLE is working towards fostering an environment that encourages others to lead with resiliency, respectfulness, responsibility, kindness and integrity.

Who is on PBIS?  
LLE's PBIS Committee consists of staff, students and parents.

What are these PBIS Tickets my child is talking about?

Each grade level at LLE has been assigned a different color.
Kindergarten- Purple
First Grade- Blue
Second Grade- Green
Third Grade- Yellow
Fourth Grade- Orange
Fifth Grade- Red
Staff Tickets- White
Bus Tickets for all grades- Yellow

Any staff member can catch another staff or student showing the traits of Resiliency, Respect, Responsibility, Kindness and Integrity.  At this time, they may choose to write a "ticket" for that person.  On the ticket will be listed the trait observed, where it was observed, the date of what was observed, who wrote it and why.

When a student is given a ticket, they cut off the bottom portion of the ticket to take home and tell their family about what they did.  The top portion of the ticket, will be placed in the PBIS mailbox.

Each Monday, our student PBIS committee members will pull 5 tickets from the mailbox and read them during morning announcements.  Those students with tickets pulled will receive a pencil and have the opportunity to share a story of when they observed someone using one or more of the IKRRR traits the following Monday on morning announcements.  Those students drawn, will also be communicated on the PBIS twitter page, facebook page and recorded on the "Student Recognition" blog page.

Three Staff tickets are pulled during Friday announcements.  There are three "special" parking places for staff who have tickets pulled.  The staff with tickets pulled will be communicated on the PBIS twitter pages, facebook page and recorded on the "Staff Recognition" blog page.

Tickets can also be written for an entire classroom by someone other than that classroom's teacher. The class with the most group tickets written for them will win the "PBIS Class of the Month" and get an extra recess, a PBIS Class Award on their door and will be communicated on the PBIS twitter page, facebook page and recorded on the "Class Recognition" page on the blog page.

ALL tickets will be displayed on the long bulletin board in the front hallway next to the gym in a rainbow.  When these tickets reach the end of the bulletin board, that grade level earns a free recess to celebrate all their hard work. Once tickets reach the end of the bulletin board, they will be taken down and sent home with students.

What are TEAMS?
TEAMS started in the fall of 2015.  Every student at LLE has been assigned to a different TEAM consisting of LLE Staff.  Each TEAM has members from K-5 and will focus on learning about the different PBIS traits and behaviors while working with people across the grade levels.  Each "Coach" will teach their TEAM a lesson that was created for them by members of the PBIS committee.  The goal is for students to learn about behaviors like they would learn about other subjects.  PBIS encourages good behavior and is about prevention, not punishment.

If you have other questions, you'd like answered, please feel free to comment below or send an email to lauradoran@wlcsd.org.


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