Writing Workshop

Writer's Workshop - After the mini lesson, students work in their Writer's Notebook to collect entries that may later become published pieces of writing. The total writing time lasts for about 35-40 minutes, but during that time some students may be involved in conferences with the teacher or with their peers.

Mini lesson on point of view

A sample of one of Mrs. Sinclair's notebooks
Student sharing a piece of writing at the end of a workshop

Students will continue collecting ideas for writing pieces they may want to publish in the future. The workshop time is a time to explore and try new writing techniques. Students are expected to write for the entire time. I conference with students each day and "check-in" on what they are working on in class.

One question that comes up each year is, "Can my child take his/her writer's notebook home?" YES! I love that students want to write and try out their writing abilities outside of the classroom. I only ask that they return the writer's notebook to school the next day because we use them daily.

In third grade we have specific writing units we cover
 (no particular order). These include:

  • Launching the Writer's Notebook (N.B.)
    Paragraph Writing
    Information Reports
    Writing About Reading
    Research Report

  • Click HERE for a chart that describes the
     developmental stages of writing.

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